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Boreal Plant Breeding Ltd. is a Finnish company specialized in the breeding of field crop varieties in northern regions. Our principal market area is Finland, where we are the market leader in our business sector. Our main export areas are Scandinavia and Baltic countries. In both domestic and export markets Boreal`s varieties are marketed through license agreements with selected partner companies. 

The main focus of our breeding programs is on spring cereals and forage grasses. In addition we have programs for winter cereals, oil crops and pulses. The main emphases of our programs are yield potential, yield stability and quality. In quality breeding we tailor the quality properties of our varieties to meet the needs of end users. The competitiveness of our variety breeding is based on highly skilled staff, an extensive testing network, modern breeding methods and advanced data and biotechnological tools. 

In addition to our own breeding, we complement our variety portfolio by commercializing varieties from abroad that have successfully passed our testing network with proven adaptation to northern growing conditions. In the export markets we test our breeding material in various countries by co-operating with local breeders and variety representatives. 

Boreal in brief
Established 1994
Breeding programs: Cereals, forage grasses, oil crops and grain legumes
Main target areas: Northern areas including Scandinavia and Baltic states
Staff: 70
Ownership structure: Main owner State of Finland, other owners Hankkija Ltd., Raisio Research Foundation, Vilmorin & Sie SA, Tilasiemen, Finnish Farmers Unions

Boreal Plant Breeding Ltd
Myllytie 10, FI-31600, Jokioinen,
Tel. +358 400 200 710 Fax +358 3 433 4374

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The company SAATEN-UNION is a union of seven traditional German breeding and seed production enterprises, specializing in cereals and legumes, was founded in 1965. One of the most important activities of the company SAATEN-UNION in Europe is the breeding and development of varieties of oats of industrial type. This activity is concentrated within the company NORDSAAT Saatzucht GmbH - one of seven founders of the SAATEN-UNION. More than 20 years ag, the leading oat breeder Dr. Steffen Beuch suggested to several largest German manufacturers of oat products to combine efforts in the framework of the joint project aimed on the creation of varieties of a new type, satisfy first and foremost the technological requirements of groats production. As a result, it was made the variety IVORY, which not only became the firstborn in a family of industrial oats, but still remains the leader in European groats production.

Mr. Alexander Tikhomirov
Official representative of Saaten-Union GmbH in Russia
B. Tishinsky per., 38
123557 Moscow, Russia
tel.:  +7 499 346 20 35
mob.:  +7 903 521-31-22
e-mail:   info@saaten-union.ru

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"Agrostandart" Ltd
"Agrostandart" Ltd is the Russian breeding and seed farming company.

The main task of the company is to create and provide the primary seed farming of the high-yielding and easily adaptable varieties of winter and spring barley as well as spring oats, which are distinguished by high resistance to stress factors and the most harmful diseases. The results of this process ensure high yields of the grain of high quality.

Due to intense creative work of the professionals of "Agrostandart" two varieties of spring oats, Assol and Dessant, and two varieties of winter barley, Greco and Carrera, are transferred to and being examined by the State Commission.

Breeding research and seed farming of new varieties are carried out in the south of Russia in Krasnodar and Stavropol regions. Working closely with farmers, the company successfully implements the projects on research, testing and introduction of new varieties of barley and oats into production. The requests and the requirements of agricultural producers are carefully considered. One of the most important issues in the company’s operation is the study of agrotechnical characteristics of new varieties related to the soil and climatic conditions. It helps our varieties to be widespread. Quality control is provided at every stage of the production, from the soil preparation to the seed shipment for the customer.

The seeds of our company are the key to your high yields.

"Agrostandart" Ltd
350000, 135/81 Octyabrskaya st., Krasnodar, RUSSIA,
Tel. +7 861 222 31 30

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Russian Foundation for Basic Research

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research takes significant place in system of the organization of Russian science. Now the RFBR is the not only existing structure, but also the new system of the relations covering all aspects of scientific community life. The RFBR supports the most active scientific and technical potential of the country, provides scientists of Russia with financial support, realizes competitive funding mechanisms for scientific researches on the basis of expert estimates.

The main task of the Foundation is to select on the basis of competitions the best scientific projects among those that were submitted to the Foundation by scientists in an initiative order and subsequently to support the selected projects organisationally and financially.

Address: 32A, Leninsky prospect, 119991, B-334, GSP-1, Moscow, Russia



Magazines of the SFERA Publishing House offer the most important business information to managers of all the significant food industries in Russia and are rightfully considered among the most competent food industry-related publications.

Mailing address: Russia, 197101, St. Petersburg, Mira str., 3, of. 436 BC "Troizkii"


Oat Global (http://oatglobal.org) is a strategy forum driven by the leaders of the oat community at large. Operating exclusively in the pre-competitive space, Oat Global provides a unifying platform for open knowledge, open data, strategy, and resource sharing.


The Oat Newsletter (http://oatnews.org), first published in 1950 and overseen by the American Oat Workers Conference, provides short research updates, meeting information, and community news to those around the world interested in oats.